What Do We Appraise?
- Art, Antiques, Valuable Articles, Personal Property
- Collections (Residential, Corporate, Museums)

- American Furniture and Decorative Arts
- European Furniture and Decorative Arts
- Fine Art (paintings, drawings and prints)
- Silver
- Ancient, Asian and Tribal Arts
- General, Decorative Arts
- Rugs and Carpets
- Coins and Stamps; Jewelry

Appraisal Reports
Our Appraisal Reports are reliable, well researched written documents in compliance with The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), major professional memberships, and IRS rules for the protection of our clients in any situation.

Appraisals are necessary for specific transactions:
- Insurance needs
- Taxation
- Sale, Donation, Gift Distribution, Equitable Distribution
- Charitable Donation

Our appraisals can be prepared for integration into:
- Insurance Programs
- Collection Management
- Wealth Management

Kinds of Valuation
- Fair Market Value - for sale or gift distribution
- Replacement Value - for insurance purposes
- Liquidation Value - in the event of a forced-sale

How often should an appraisal be updated?
- Every 5 years

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