about us

B. Fletcher & Associates is committed to delivering expert service characterized by quality, integrity and confidentiality. Our trusted services are based on education, experience, ethics and expertise, delivered with consistency and dependability.

Experienced Team
We are high-level art appraisers and consultants, each with an average of twenty years of experience in our respective fields, who have developed credibility and trust with our clients. Our approach is highly professional, disciplined and confidential.

We are each fully qualified to appraise in our specialty. We specialize in fine art, antiques and valuable articles. We are the only firm in New England dedicated to providing multi-specialty appraisals compliant with USPAP for our clients' protection.
Art Advisory
We offer personalized advice to our clients in connection with their collections. We focus our Art Advisory services on individual attention and confidentiality.

We serve collectors, insurers, attorneys, bankers, wealth managers, museums and art professionals.

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